The Rules of Intestacy: Estate distribution without a valid Will

If you die without a legally valid Will in place, your estate will be distributed in accordance to the rules of intestacy and this may NOT be what you want.

How would my estate be distributed without a valid Will?

If you have no Will in place, your estate assets are liable to many avoidable risks and costs on your death, as well as to changes in the government's decisions on who should benefit.

In addition to your estate being distributed in accordance with the intestate laws, if you die intestate your next of kin have very few rights to deal with financial matters until they are appointed by the court as administrators of your estate.

NB. All jointly owned assets will pass by survivorship which gives no protection at all after the first death.

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What do I do next?

If you don't have a Will at the moment and you would like to discuss the implications please call us to arrange an appointment and we visit you at home to discuss your situation.

To discuss intestacy or making a Will call 0330 311 0910